5 wellness tips to stay healthy in winter

Can you believe how cold this winter is ? Our body will feel it and while we all react in a different way, some of us might be sick right away other of us might just feel depressed and tired and others of us will just be healthy, add to that all the holidays  the whole season and that's because they got prepared they set up their bodies to be ready for the cold.
There are a few tips that you can start following right now.

        1.Practice meditation and relaxation 

This really works for me. Mediation is the best way to spend time with yourself, and get your body ready spirituality and mentally for the cold season, because yes your mind  needs to be set as well, as winter and cold weather brings a lot of stress and anxiety. You may want to develop the habit of deep breathing whenever you feel anxiety mounting. Meditation and mindfulness are great practices for managing stress as well. Find a dark room ( or go in your room make it dark and relaxing ). Take a deep breath, close your eyes, relax your muscles and focus on being  present.


         2. Drink Herbal Teas 

You already know tea is the best beverage you can have in the winter, is the best way to relax and stay warm while staying healthy. Our Parisian Red is just perfect, especially with the holiday season; caffeine free, flavorful and full of antioxidants which will help you to have a stronger immune system and prevents you from certain typical winter diseases as with holiday season and the traveling, winter can mean weakened immune system that germs will easily attack. Plus it will help you to stay very hydrated, you don't always remember to drink water in winter as much we do during summer because our body claims it, drinking tea will definitely helps you to stay hydrated through the winter months.It also good for digestion and weight loss, y’all already know why i am saying that :) 

       3. Take vitamins supplements 

You will definitely need more vitamins to go through this winter, especially Vitamin D. Light stimulates the production of cholecalciferol, which the body eventually transforms into vitamin D. The vitamin then helps the body maintain higher levels of serotonin during the winter. So you got it, winter = less light less sun so less Vitamin D. Taking extra vitamin D  can help you to get more energy and  reinforce your immune system in order to keep the doctor away.


       4.Sleep better and longer 

I know you will agree with me that winter nights are the best ones. I like it when it's chilly so I can rub myself in a very Buffy blanket. The fact is you sleep longer in winter because nights are longer i mean 4pm looks like 10pm so you will naturally look for your bed earlier than usual. My best advice would be to take a warm bath and warm clothes get yourself a cup of tea ( Parisian Red doesn't have any caffeine and will actually sleep ). A good a longer sleep will allow your body to regenerate and get all the energy it needs to fight germs during the day. Remember that our body is the most vulnerable during winter time that the rest of the year.


       5.Frequent Hand washing  

Last but not least, wash your hands. You can follow all the tips above to stay healthy during winter but the truth is the easiest and best one is washing hands frequently. Germs are absolutely everywhere, sanitizer is my best friend in cold weather. Winter is the time where shaking someone's hand is dangerous. Washing your hands frequently with soap after every activities will keep you safer than any other hacks.

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